Puntland Situation Report

(August 2020)

During August, the overall state of affairs in Puntland, Somalia, were relatively calm. There were a number of major security incidents at the state’s edges...

Somali Federalization Monitor Vol. 1 (July 2020)

Planning for the 2020/2021 Somali federal election was hindered by a number of critical factors. The Federal Parliament started electoral preparations late when the House Speaker...

Programs & Services


Somali Law & Policy Program

The Program was launched in January 2019 and focuses policy research, establishing a legal library of laws and policies and initiating studies.

Project Consulting

NAI project consultants work closely with organisations to develop tailored services and approaches to project implementation.


NAI Development Programs is an integral part of NAI project development. We have worked with a range of local and international partners...

Research & Publications


NAI research focuses on:

a) peace-building & State-builidng;

b) Democratization, Human rights & Elections...

Reports & Publications

NAI reports & publications include:

a) Somali Federalization Monitor

b) Puntland Situation Report

Multimedia Department

The multimedia department features:

a) Topical/infographic videos

b) Short Documentaries

c) Mobile Theater



“Professional, courteous and experienced in providing quality projects.”

Erin Satterlee, Director of Consilient Research




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