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Our Partners
New Access International (NAI) is a research and development agency established in 2012 by multi-disciplinary practitioners and specialists in Somalia. NAI is a registered civil society organisation in the Federal Republic of Somalia.


NAI provides specialised research, policy and developmental programming and project support to various institutions, including public sector, civil society organisations, U.N. agencies, local and international NGOs, think-tanks, independent media, academic and financial institutions, and business enterprises.

NAI practitioners provide beneficiary-specific, tailored and accurate information to organisations and agencies involved in a range of sectors in Somalia. NAI research and programme development includes practical recommendations to the special organisational needs and challenges for our partners working in Somalia on developmental programmes. Working closely with organisations and agencies, NAI provides organisational development, policy research, advocacy, strategic communications, and M&E to streamline organisational objectives and goals for improved performance.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help our beneficiaries reach distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvement in their performance and to build valuable, trusting, and long-term partnerships.

Our Vision:

We seek to be agents of change – for our beneficiaries, our people, and society as a whole.

Our Values:

  • Provide unparalleled quality and proven success
  • Respect for diversity: Listening to and collaborating with others, being inclusive and bringing the best
    ideas forward
  • Ideas and innovation that invests in the best people and anticipates our beneficiary's needs

Our Partners:​

  • Interpeace – an International NGO based in Switzerland,

  • Puntland Democratization Consortium A consortium of organizations and communication companies sharing a common goal of ensuring democratization progression in Puntland.

  • Consilient Research – A research, monitoring and evaluation firm based in Somalia.

  • Electronic PicturesAn International Film Production Firm in Australia,

  • Waves of Somali Innovation and Arts (WOSIA)A local organisation that focuses on teaching and promoting culture and arts.

  • Puntland Ministry of Information and Telecommunication a Government department

  • Media Association of Puntland (MAP)Association of media professionals in Puntland

  • Puntland Agency for Social Welfare (PASWE)a Government department

  • Transitional Puntland Electoral Commissionan independent Electoral Commission based in Puntland State, Somalia

  • STATT Consultingan independent international Consulting firm based in Hong Kong,

  • Danish Defence CollegeA national educational institute that contributes to Danish Defence based Denmark,

  • DiakoniaAn international development organization based in Sweden,

  • Forcier ConsultingA research development firm that provides high quality research, monitoring and evaluation services in fragile and post-conflict settings

  • SPPSThe Swedish Probation and Prison Services

  • UNODCUnited Nations Office for Drugs and Crime

  • Puntland Ministry of Interior – Puntland Ministry of Interior, Federalism and Democratisation

  • Folke Berdanotte Academy (FBA)Swedish government agency for peace, security and development

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