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Research Programs

Conflict Deja vu in Mudug Region: Impact of Statebuilding on Peace and Interstate Relations in Somalia (June 2020) (.pdf)
NAI Research Program forms the organisation's core foundation. With each research project, NAI endeavours to present and analyse the key social, cultural, political, and security trends, and its interaction with key sectors, from state-building, to democratisation and public service, to education, culture and natural resource management.

Our research is wholly guided by research methodologies and supports an evidence-based models to address key issues in Somali society. We envision and enact research that is nonpolitical, objective and neutral in all aspects. Through partnerships, our scope of research covers the following five thematic areas:

  • State-building, Democratisation and Elections

  • Peace-building and Human Rights

  • Education, Health & Youth

  • Media, Culture and Heritage

  • Natural Resource Management


NAI researchers and policy analysts work closely with partners to develop a research approach and to ensure quality production that is accurate, objective and timely.

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